The Religious Order

In 354, Augustinus was born in Thagaste, Northern Africa. Being clever and eager for knowledge he made his way to Milano via Rome. After his conversion he was baptised there by bishop Ambrose, in 387.

Back home in Northern Africa he became priest and bishop, the great wise-man in God and bishop for pastoral care. Augustinus was not the man who aimed at living lonesome, but in the circle of his friends. Therefore, it is self-explanatory that also within his church he was looking for such a way of common life (vita comunis). Augustinus saw the deepened spiritual and religious basis of that vita comunis in the archetype of the precommunity as it has been described in the Acts of the Apostles (vide Apg 4,32). Besides all the work to be fulfilled it was important for him to put his heart and his soul in God.
Augustinus did not intend to found an order as Benedict did later on. For Augustinus, this vita comunis deriving from the spirit of gospels was an important prerequisite to accomplish the sacerdotal and pastoral life. To get oneself ready to share and to give its share, to lead a life where love is to demonstrate - altogether important principles for Augustinus. Hence emanate the rule ("regula") of St. Augustine. Further information on St. Augustine:<//link&gt;